Blue Dream 1 Year Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary since we first opened our very first server to the public! Coming close to the player count that we have even reached is something that I would have never even expected or even dreamed of. Our first server was made available to the public because I simply wanted more people to play in our first Valhelsia 3 world. 3 servers and 8,000+ unique players later, we are where we are now! I would like to thank everyone for making these servers a fun and enjoyable experience, not only to host and administer them, but for everyone tp join and be a part of. This would not be possible without the players, donators, and all the staff that take their free time to moderate and help the community be the way it is.

Blue Dream 2.0 servers are now finally here!

After what seems like ages of working on completely rebuilding our servers from the ground up and starting again from nothing, we are now finally done! The majority of our time was spent making these servers into a Forge and Spigot hybrid. We spent well over 100+ hours working on making sure these servers are much more optimized, feature-packed, and easier to install than ever before. Blue Dream 2.0 server features are going to slowly roll out to the Better Minecraft and Valhelsia 3 servers after they reset. With that being said, we are officially launching our Create: Above and Beyond server today, which is running with all the new Blue Dream 2.0 features.

Blue Dream 2.0 New Features and Changes


The new economy was focused on being mainly a player ran economy, the main source of income is going to be playtime ($1000/hour), voting ($1000/vote), killing mobs ($1-$5/kill), and selling raritanium to the Black market with more ways of making money coming soon. The economy is going to be a bit rough for the next few weeks till we get more information on how to properly optimize with the modpack its running in we are always open to suggestions in our #suggestions channel on discord.

Player shops /markets

The player market is where you are going to be able to either sell, request, and buy items to other players.

Black Market /shops

This going to be where you can sell raritanium or buy items that are not normally in modpack.

Gambling /bettinggames

Gamble and play multiplayer betting games with other players

Economy Stats /balancetop

Ranks everyone by the amount of money they have

Ranks & Voting

Ranks are no longer going to be based on playtime or reset with server resets. Ranks are now going to be obtained through votes, and they will be permanent! The first rank will double your chunkclaims, and you will earn more chunk claims and perks as you rank up. (More perks will be added over time to vote ranks). Voting will also help our servers get more exposure, but each vote will earn you $1000 every vote with 4 total votes every 24 hours. You can expect a list of updated rank perks and the amount of votes it take to unlock the specific rank in the coming days on our ranks tab on the website. Commands to vote /vote or /vote gui


First off, I want to say thank you all for making this possible. Without you, this would not be remotely possible due to the high cost of running a public server, especially a modded server that requires twice the amount of resources to host. I have been working tirelessly trying to get a fully automated donation process to work with Forge, and well, we finally have one. You can expect a fully automated donation process to roll out within the next few days. This would mean that I will no longer have to manually give out the ranks and items like I have in the past. You will now claim your donator items using /kits.

Bans & Player Reports

We now finally have a way to report players in game! All bans, warnings, temp bans, kicks, and well practically everything you get reported or report about is now going to be logged in a database. This will insure that we don’t have any problem players coming back to our servers with a second account. You can report a player by doing /report [username]